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Every Season Of The Walking Dead, Ranked Worst
To Best
11. Season 8
Season 8’s Savior War gave a too-realistic approach to war, as it dragged on far longer than most viewers would have liked, making it last on the list. Carl’s death is one of the corniest, most disingenuous-feeling moments in the series, and news of his death on social media further convinced those who quit watching the series not to come back.
10. Season 6
In its attempts to trick the audience with fake-outs and teases instead of subtly subverting expectations, Season 6 became too emotionally manipulative, like when the show removed Steven Yeun’s name from the credits only to bring his character back later. Negan’s absence was a wind-up to a cliffhanger and was the biggest issue of the season.
9. Season 11
Serving as the show’s final outing, Season 11 features the Commonwealth, but this addition feels too much like a mash-up of The Governor and the early days of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. However, this season has some great episodes that will remind you that “The Walking Dead” is a horror show.
8. Season 4
The fourth season of “The Walking Dead” drags on compared to its previous season's exciting developments. While there are some great moments and the introduction of new characters, like fan-favorites Sasha and Tara, Season 4 suffers from too many threads dangling that prevent it from standing out among the other seasons.
7. Season 7
Despite Glenn's death in the premiere, the show took off once Negan, and the Saviors arrived on the scene. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan gives Rick Grimes a true nemesis, and the season expands the world of “The Walking Dead” with the introduction of Hilltop, Oceanside, and the Scavengers in a streamlined manner.