(L-R) Actors James Gandolfini and Michael Imperioli in a scene from the TV show The Sopranos.    (Photo by Anthony Neste/Getty Images)
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This story contains spoilers for the entire series of “The Sopranos.”
7. Season 6A
The final season of "The Sopranos" was the longest, airing in two parts in 2006 and 2007. Unfortunately, the majority of Tony's best moments are saved for the final part of the series. As a result, Part One of Season 6 feels like an extended prologue, and there are a few storylines that drag.
6. Season 4
Season 4 is one of the slower seasons, but takes the time to explore some of the supporting characters that were also integral to the series. The season culminates in a heated argument between Carmela and Tony, resulting in one of the most finely acted moments of the entire series.
5. Season 1
It's still impressive how much the show was able to accomplish within its very first season. Some great shows sometimes struggle to get out the gate, however, “The Sopranos” arrived as a fully-formed concept at the very beginning and established many of its core elements very early on.
4. Season 3
Season 3 is one of the most emotionally devastating seasons of the show. Between the ill-fated battle for Jackie Aprile Jr’s soul and the introduction of one of the most unlikeable characters in TV history, Ralphie Cifaretto, the third season is a cavalcade of heartbreaking drama, violence, and suspense.
3. Season 2
Season 2 saw the introduction of Richie Aprile, one of the vilest of the show’s characters and a worthy adversary to Tony. There was a seamlessly added comedic element with the sibling bickering between Tony and his sister Janice. This is also the season that the show began to display its aptitude for experimentation, best represented in the episode "Funhouse."
2. Season 5
Season 5 set the stage for the end of the series by raising the stakes. Major characters are killed, Tony's subconscious is explored, and the conflict between the families grows more volatile. Emmy voters also recognized the jump in quality; after four previous nominations, "The Sopranos" finally won the Primetime Emmy Award for best drama series.
1. Season 6B
Although the first half may have been somewhat underwhelming, Season 6 reaches a satisfying conclusion in Part Two. The final nine episodes include some of the most emotional and shocking moments of the entire series. Fans may debate what happened after the closing credits of the finale, but showrunner David Chase cannot be doubted for his bravery.