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Every Season Of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Ranked Worst To Best
7. Season 5
Season 5 includes a lot of individual storylines that made for decent standalone episodes, but fail to serve a greater purpose, which is why it is at the bottom of our list. Episodes like the one where Keiko gets possessed are fine on their own, but they don’t meaningfully play into the overarching Dominion plotline at hand.
6. Season 2
Season 2 did a lot to develop the plot with the introduction of the Dominion and featured what has now become a pop-culture meme about the polite way to greet a transgender person. It also reintroduced the Mirror Universe and brought back a few actors from the original series.
5. Season 1
Most of Season 1 was dedicated to doing some pretty intense world-building, and “Deep Space Nine” pulled it off perfectly. There was a great premise for the show that immediately set it up for success, and Season 1 continued to up the ante by giving the Bajorans a bigger role.
4. Season 4
Season 4 brought Michael Dorn back as Worf to boost the ratings for “Deep Space Nine.” It also revived the Klingons and introduced several compelling side-plots that kept fans interested, even when the looming Dominion War wasn’t the main focus of the story.
3. Season 6
The Dominion War is in full swing during Season 6 and features an episode where Captain Sisko dreams he’s a sci-fi writer, which fans remember for calling out racism in the media. Season 6 is almost perfect, aside from the absurd amount of screen time given to Vic Fontaine.