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7. Season 5
Season 5 is by far the most depressing season of the series, filled with brutal character deaths and gory violence. Fans were forced to say goodbye to the beloved Opie Winston in episode 3, and the new 90-minute episode format made the heartbreaking fifth season hard to stomach.
6. Season 6
Season 6 opens with a school shooting and ends with Gemma Teller wrongly murdering her son’s wife, Tara. This awful event in the finale set the tone for the next and final season, but the solemn build-up to this gruesome climax made Season 6 way too upsetting.
5. Season 7
Jax finally gets his children away from SAMCRO in the final season of the series, sacrificing himself to ensure his kids get to grow up safely and have a normal life. The show ends bloody, but it did a decent job wrapping up all the characters’ stories as logically as possible.
4. Season 3
Season 3 is frustratingly intense, but it gave viewers immense satisfaction when the major conflicts were resolved. In the final few episodes, Jax is reunited with his kidnapped son, Stahl pays for all the harm she’s caused, and Opie finally gets justice for his murdered wife.
3. Season 4
After years of butting heads with his stepfather Clay, Jax takes over as SAMCRO president in Season 4. Jax’s leadership poses trouble for Juice, who’s being blackmailed over his secret heritage, and the entire season emphasizes how important it is to be honest with others.