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Every Season Of Smallville Ranked Worst To Best
10. Season 4
Season 4 has enough working in its favor to keep from bottoming out completely: It introduces Erica Durance's pitch-perfect Lois Lane and has a solid batch of episodes that allows the actors to take their characters in interesting new directions. However, far too many head-scratching decisions ultimately drag this chapter to the bottom of the pile.
9. Season 7
Season 7 has many positives, including a handful of notable guest appearances and some great episodes, yet it feels like an assembly of disconnected storylines that go nowhere. Viewers can see the team behind "Smallville" struggling to craft a proper trajectory late in the game, resulting in too many regurgitated storylines and unnecessary plot points.
8. Season 9
By Season 9, the series feels like it is running in place and delaying the inevitable by refusing to let Clark Kent become Superman. Regardless, it delivers high-octane action, including an exciting "Matrix Revolutions"-styled smackdown between Kent and Major Zod in the season finale, "Salvation."
7. Season 1
The inaugural season of "Smallville" revolves around Kent's on-off romance with Lana Lane, his budding friendship with Lex Luthor, and several problems only a superman could handle. It is predictably rough around the edges; however, it still delivers eye-popping action and colorful, quirky characters.
6. Season 6
Season 6 has some terrific episodes, but unfortunately, the highs are weighed down by a lack of momentum. The audience can see the blood, sweat, and tears sprinkled over every episode as the producers struggle to mesh the "Smallville" formula with newer elements, which results in filler episodes like "Noir" and "Subterranean."