The cast of NBC's popularr comedy series "Seinfeld"  are pictured in an undatred file phoo. The final episode of "Seinfeld" will be broadcast 14 May after nine televsion seasons. From left are:  Michael Richards,  Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jason Alexander.  AFP PHOTO (Photo by FILES / AFP) (Photo by FILES/AFP via Getty Images)
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Every Season Of Seinfeld Ranked From Worst To Best
9. Season 1
The buds of greatness are already growing in Season 1 of "Seinfeld," but it's yet to become the show everyone would come to love and obsess over. Season 1 feels a bit flat, but it has some brilliant moments that pull it out of the fog and shine a light in the direction the series should, and ultimately does, move toward, putting season 1 last on the list.
8. Season 2
Season 2 delves into relatable fantasies, some of which viewers have dreamed about too, and then, it goes one step further, asking: What if you do those things, and then the situation goes horribly wrong? Season 2 has several standout scenes, but most of the episodes move with all the pace of a Louisiana vowel, which feels a tad irritating.
7. Season 6
In Season 6, it feels like the writing staff found a solid formula and relied on it over and over. They introduce a basic premise and a whimsical cast of supporting characters, then have them annoy Jerry while Kramer does something bonkers, which leads to some hilarious moments, but viewers have already seen that the show is capable of more.
6. Season 9
Season 9 takes some chances with risky, high-concept ideas, but they're beboppin' all over the screen because they're executed well by a seasoned staff. Unfortunately, the entire enterprise is hindered by a single episode — "The Finale" — which doesn't meet the creative pedigree established in the previous 170-plus episodes.
5. Season 8
Despite being one of the four main characters on "Seinfeld," it's not until Season 8 that Elaine is given a prominent story arc. George founds a charitable organization in memory of his late fiancée Susan, and though Kramer doesn't get a story arc, Season 8 shows what an asset he is to the series.