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Every Season Of Psych Ranked Worst To Best
8. Season 7
Although the writing and performances were great, the formula behind many of the episodes began to wear thin, and the season’s attempts to shake things up with Shawn and Juliet’s breakup highlighted the show’s struggle to find new directions. The show’s tropes became increasingly derivative, making it clear that “Psych” was running on fumes.
7. Season 8
Season 8 might be the shortest, with only 10 episodes, but that worked to the show’s advantage as it ramped up toward the series finale, bringing back some familiar faces and introducing a new character. “Psych” still suffered from a worn narrative at times; however, the main characters got their moments to shine, giving the show a happy ending.
6. Season 1
Like with most shows, “Psych” was trying to find its voice and overarching tone when it debuted, and the fan-favorite character dynamics weren’t fully developed quite yet. Shawn was less noble than he would later become, had a deeper estrangement with his father, and a more hostile relationship with detective Lassiter and Police Chief Vick.
5. Season 2
“Psych” had primarily found its narrative by Season 2, although there were still some lingering feelings that the show hadn’t fully grown past some issues. In addition to the better relationships between the characters, Season 2 boasted an impressive lineup of guest stars, including Tim Curry and Gina Gershon, to play off Shawn and Gus.
4. Season 4
The series’ increase in guest stars became noticeable in Season 4, throwing actors like John Cena into episodes. The season also introduced several fan-favorite recurring characters and featured a doomed relationship between Shawn and Abigail, finally prompting Juliet to realize her true feelings for the protagonist.