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Every Season Of Luther Ranked Worst To Best
5. Season 3
Where Season 3 comes up lacking isn't in its criminal endeavors — there are two exciting cases that leave viewers on the edge of their seats. However, the case built against John Luther by DCI Erin Gray, DSU George Stark, and an unwilling Detective Sergeant Justin Ripley feels redundant and becomes more and more far-fetched as the season goes on.
4. Season 4
Season 4 is just two episodes long but attempts to cram four episodes' worth of material into them, which is why this season's plotlines feel jumbled and bloated. Due to this truncated runtime, viewers aren't able to build any real connection with new supporting characters, Emma and Megan, making them forgettable and disposable.
3. Season 5
Season 5 feels like a return to form for "Luther," with old faces returning and compelling cases for DCI Luther to solve. However, the season's success is ultimately due to the arresting performance by Hermione Norris as psychiatrist Vivien Lake and to a story that has many twists and turns, resulting in a thrilling season.
2. Season 2
Season 2 establishes the formula used across the rest of the series, with a single subplot that bridges the entire season and cases that span multiple episodes. This season made "Luther" a distinct entry in the well-worn genre of police procedural drama by exploring the moral grays of a detective's job and the complexities of Luther's moral compass.
1. Season 1
With six episodes, Season 1 is the longest season of the show, which gives viewers plenty of time to get to know Luther, his co-workers, and their relationships with one another. The season craftily mixes thrilling moments and explosive action sequences with Agatha Christie-like mysteries that build the tension to an unexpected boiling point by the end.