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Every Season Of Lost Ranked Worst
To Best
6. Season 4
Season 4 of “Lost” covers a slimmer time period following the gang's journey to finally escape the Island, but the problem with this setup is that we already know they’ve succeeded — thanks to the Season 3 finale. Naturally, the fourth season feels like a lot of wheel-spinning, dragging out its revelations of who gets away and how.
5. Season 5
As a result of the Island being "moved" by the frozen donkey wheel, Season 5 shows "Lost" tackling time travel. Unfortunately, the splitting of the season between the '70s, the mid-'00s, the flashbacks, and the flash-forwards make "Lost" needlessly confusing to the point where figuring out the show's structure feels like homework.
4. Season 3
Season 3 contains some of the worst episodes of "Lost," and one of the most frustrating things was the Episode 9 promo that promised fans the answers to "three of 'Lost's' biggest mysteries," which it failed to deliver. However, the third season did introduce the fan-favorite Juliet and had one of the best finales in a show full of great ones.
3. Season 6
Even if a handful of the show's questions never get answered, "Lost" Season 6 brings the series to an emotionally satisfying close with the series finale's revelation that this is an afterlife, effectively proving that the characters of "Lost" matter more than the show's "mysteries." The finale also masterfully reworks the show's opening moments.
2. Season 1
The first season of "Lost" still stands as one of the most compelling opening seasons in television history with its sequences in the aftermath of the plane crash being genuinely harrowing. The first season is a lot of table-setting, getting viewers ready for the adventure to follow, with much of what made "Lost" instant water-cooler fodder on display.