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Every Season Of Futurama Ranked Worst To Best
Season 8
Season 8 of "Futurama" has the largest number of mediocre episodes in the series' entire run. That's not to say this season is horrible, but it feels forced and uninspired; moments like Leela’s strange personality shift in “Yo Leela Leela” and the awkward and uncomfortably sexual “Neutopia” episode come off as crass and shallow.
Season 7
The show's second season on Comedy Central was pretty rough, with the low point being "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular," though it's not like holiday specials have a history of being particularly good. However, the episode "The Late Philip J. Fry" is not only a high point of Season 7, but a highlight of the whole series.
Season 9
The penultimate season of "Futurama" proved that the series didn't deserve to last much longer. It's not a terrible season, but its mediocrity feels much worse when compared to the show's previous high points; many Season 9 gags that are low-hanging fruit and lack the truly satirical punch of previous seasons.
Season 10
The "Futurama" revival on Comedy Central was inconsistent, but its final season mostly righted previous wrongs. The series finale, "Meanwhile," blends science fiction craziness, uproarious gags, and just the right amount of sentimentality, perfectly embodying what makes "Futurama" so great.
Season 6
The sixth season of "Futurama" marked its move from Fox to Comedy Central, after four direct-to-DVD movies were chopped into several episodes. The satire in this season is as sharp as ever; jokes take shots at multiple targets and mostly hit the mark, and subplots are given the time and respect they deserve.