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Every Season Of Arrow Ranked Worst To Best
8. Season 4
Following the tonally dark Season 3, “Arrow” shifted to a much lighter direction, with Oliver rebranding himself as Green Arrow, a new symbol of hope. While there are great moments, like the introduction of Damien Darhk, Season 4 suffered from an imbalanced tone and its supernatural exploration, a departure from the street-level grit that made the show popular.
7. Season 6
“Arrow” had become a full-on superhero ensemble by Season 6, featuring both a newer team of heroes splintering off from Oliver and a new criminal mastermind, Ricardo Diaz, who sought to destroy Ollie’s life. In addition to a relatively tepid villain, this season backtracked on many of its earlier decisions, which weakened its overall potential.
6. Season 3
While “Arrow” has always been darker than most of its Arrowverse counterparts, Season 3 took the show further with its grim narrative and the death of Sara Lance. However, the season’s worst decision revolved around the worn-out flashbacks to Lian Yu that showed Oliver leaving the island only to return to it rather than simply going home.
5. Season 5
Season 5 shifted the show’s dynamic for the rest of its run by having Oliver become a mentor to a new group of heroes. This decision was met with mixed reception, but Season 5 gave fans one of the series’ best villains with Prometheus, the alter ego of Star City’s District Attorney who swore vengeance against Green Arrow, pushing the hero to his limits.
4. Season 7
Following the previous season’s cliffhanger ending, Season 7 began with a great multi-episode arc of Oliver in a maximum security prison that helped raise the bar of quality the show desperately needed. The series also began to play with the timeline in its story again, but fans were given glimpses of the future instead of tired flashbacks.