LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 06:  Kiefer Sutherland attends the UK premiere of "24: Live Another Day" at Old Billingsgate Market on May 6, 2014 in London, England.  (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)
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Every Season Of 24 Ranked Worst To Best
Honorable Mentions
Before getting into the Sutherland-led seasons, honorable mentions go to the TV movie "24: Redemption" and the spin-off "24: Legacy." "Redemption" is a great action prequel to Season 7, and "Legacy," the spin-off starring Corey Hawkins, adapts the real-time format of its predecessor, but it isn’t the same without Jack Bauer.
10. Season 6
While enjoyable and fast-paced, the sixth season has a series of cliched tropes that push the audience’s disbelief to the limit. The biggest culprit is having Jack’s dad and brother — whom the audience has never seen or heard Jack mention — being behind a terrorist plot that has spanned multiple seasons.
9. Season 3
Subplots like Jack’s heroin addiction and Chloe O'Brian and the baby at the Counter Terrorist Unit feel like ones a show would do when it’s running out of ideas, not in its third season. However, the main plot — with a great villain in Stephen Saunders and the threat of the Cordilla Virus — outweighs the bad.
8. Season 2
The second season is great, and starts with one of the most violent scenes in the series when Jack kills a villain in front of his bosses, hacks off the man’s head, and puts it in a duffel bag to win the trust of a terrorist cell. However, it also has one of the silliest scenes of the series when Kim Bauer gets caught in a hunter’s trap with a cougar nearby.
7. Season 4
In this jam-packed fourth season that feels like a series finale, every hour seems to raise the stakes with a different threat. The reinstatement of Tony Almeida after his crimes in the previous season is illogical but welcome, as his dynamic with Jack and his now-ex Michelle provides some of the series’ best dramatic moments.