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Every Saw Movie Ranked Worst To Best
Saw V
The five participants in this movie are among the worst the series has ever seen, ignoring conspicuous clues and generating frustration amid all the bloodshed. By the film’s end, audiences are likely wishing none of them had survived it if meant saving them from any more of the film's ridiculous, moral-majority histrionics.
Saw: The Final Chapter
"Saw: The Final Chapter" also went by the title "Saw 3D" because, well, it was released in 3D, a gimmick that had an inexplicable chokehold on early 2010s cinema. It's more of the same with a misguided focus on wrapping disparate threads than doing what the series does best — spill blood.
Saw IV
While "Saw IV" does have a good central idea, it never amounts to anything but what we’ve seen in the films before it — grimy, decrepit locations abounding with shrieking, unlikable victims. It's grim but not in a good way, there's no moral core and zero juxtaposition for all the ugliness and savagery on display.
Although the Spierig Brothers deserve credit for making the best-looking "Saw" movie to date, tension is all but nonexistent. Some of the traps, including a silo set piece, are wickedly effective, but it lands with a whimper, not the roar of a chainsaw. It's not outright bad, but it never once justifies the return of the iconic Jigsaw.
Saw VI
"Saw VI" is still bogged down by unnecessary subplots, but it elevates itself by delivering exactly what fans want from a sixth entry, not to mention some of the best traps in the entire series. Admittedly, the series didn't quite maintain what marginal goodwill "Saw VI" brought it, but as an isolated beat in a bloated franchise, it's a breath of fresh air.