Ryan Murphy speaks onstage during the 33rd Annual Producers Guild Awards at Fairmont Century Plaza on March 19, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
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Every Ryan Murphy TV Show Ranked Worst To Best
22. The New Normal
As Ryan Murphy's only foray into the sitcom genre, "The New Normal" elicited mixed reviews and dismal ratings, which led to its cancellation after one season. The show also got caught in a controversy when Salt Lake City's NBC affiliate refused to air it after its content was deemed "inappropriate" during the so-called family viewing period.
21. The Glee Project
The show didn't have the same wide appeal as Murphy's other TV series, but as a "Glee"-spawned reality competition, it was successful in finding and nurturing talent. The show invited amateur singer-actors to compete for a chance to star on "Glee," and the winner was awarded a seven-episode guest-starring arc.
20. 9-1-1: Lone Star
A spin-off of "9-1-1," "Lone Star" follows the same procedural format but with a different locale: Austin, Texas, versus Los Angeles. More melodramatic than its predecessor, the show relies less on outlandish, over-the-top disasters and more on the charm of the central character Owen Strand (Rob Lowe).
19. 9-1-1
In "9-1-1," Murphy tackles a conventional network television procedural drama that tracks the exploits of Los Angeles first responders. The show stands out with over-the-top storylines that include disasters such as bombings, a train derailment, and an earthquake that devastated the entirety of Los Angeles.
18. Popular
As Murphy's breakout show, this series about two teenage girls at opposite ends of the high-school popularity spectrum didn't entirely represent the type of shows Murphy would produce in the future. While some may argue that "Popular" is basically "Glee" without the music, it remains a stunningly solid and well-realized series.