The cast of the US TV comedy horror series 'The Addams Family', circa 1965. Back row, left to right: Jackie Coogan (1914 - 1984) as Uncle Fester, Blossom Rock (1895 - 1978) as Grandmama Addams, and Ted Cassidy (1932 - 1979) as Lurch. Front row, left to right: Lisa Loring as Wednesday Addams, Carolyn Jones (1930 - 1983) as Morticia Addams, John Astin as Gomez Addams, and Ken Weatherwax as Pugsley Addams. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)
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Every Member Of The Addams Family Ranked From Normal To Creepiest
13. Lurch
The loyal butler Lurch, who is merely an honorary Addams but is one of the family's most unsettling members because of his intimidating stature and penchant for stony, gloomy silence, comes at the bottom of the list. Lurch, a dedicated servant and an incredible harpsichordist, is surprisingly the least unsettling of the Addams family.
12. Cousin Itt
Cousin Itt is a friendly and personable member of the Addams Family, making him not all that creepy despite his small stature and hirsute look. Although Cousin Itt's bubbly chatter is unintelligible to the audience, his family members can understand him well, proving that the biggest barrier to communication is the refusal to try.
11. Grandmama Addams
A talented witch who's often present on the periphery of the family, Grandmama (Gomez's mother) is eccentric but not creepy by Addams standards. She's alive in some adaptations and dead in others, which does increase her creep factor.
10. Pugsley Addams
Pugsley is often seen engaging in more "normal" activities than the rest of the family, such as playing with puppies and joining the Boy Scouts. He usually plays along with Wednesday's sinister plans, like trying to kill him, all the while grinning gleefully, making him more
of a good-natured accomplice
than a full-fledged creep.
9. Gomez Addams
Gomez loves fencing, knife-throwing, and romancing Morticia, but despite his outward appearance he is a pretty normal guy. His main priority is taking care of his family, but he's also a very generous philanthropist who cares about his community, making him a pretty stand-up guy and not all that creepy.