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Every Main Character on Firefly Ranked Worst To Best
9. River Tam
River Tam may be the most complicated character on “Firefly,” but the show’s short run didn’t allow her to develop into a great character. Her personality only begins to reveal itself toward the end of the series, with River’s best moments occurring in the second half of the season.
8. Simon Tam
While the rest of the crew are a colorful, eccentric bunch, Simon Tam has the misfortune of being the only genuinely bland character onboard the ship. Given how often the crew gets injured, having a doctor around is helpful, but that’s about the extent of his use, as Simon can’t tell a joke or fight.
7. Jayne Cobb
The crude, ill-mannered, and entirely self-absorbed Jayne Cobb is unquestionably a bad guy that nobody can trust when the audience first meets him. After betraying the Tams, Jayne experiences significant growth throughout the season and is often involved in the show’s most memorable moments.
6. Inara Serra
The sophisticated and intelligent Companion, Inara is involved in a will-they-won’t-they dynamic with Mal, one of the show’s longest-running subplots that never had any closure due to its single season. Inara is the perfect foil for Captain Reynolds, but she still maintains some distance from the rest of the crew.
5. Shephard Book
The religious man with an intimate knowledge of combat, Shephard Book is somewhat of a mystery, though there are many hints as to who he actually is. Book fills the holy man among the sinners' motif, though he doesn’t condemn (or condone) any of the crew’s activity but instead tries to be a positive influence on them.