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Every Main Character On Community Ranked Worst to Best
12. Pierce Hawthorne
In the early episodes of "Community," Pierce served as a father figure for Jeff, but we soon find out he isn’t sincere in his motives. The rest of the time, he was around primarily to make racist, homophobic, sexist, and xenophobic remarks, which is why
he is last on this list.
11. Señor Chang
Chang is second to last in this ranking because, by the end of the third season, Chang becomes a power-hungry security guard who orchestrates a coup at Greendale, kidnapping the Dean and expelling the study group. He also becomes a pun machine, sticking his own name into every sentence he can.
10. Prof. Buzz Hickey
Hickey's best episode was Season 5’s "Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons," which is a sequel to the "Dungeons & Dragons" episode in the show's second season. However, Hickey's low ranking on this list is because he gets killed off in the worst way possible, via e-mail.
9. Elroy Patashnik
After Pierce and Buzz leave the group, Elroy Patashnik becomes the final ornery older man to join the Save Greendale Committee. Subverting the trope, however, Elroy is actually a much smarter, less-offensive, and more modern take on this archetype.
8. Frankie Dart
Though Frankie is only a main character on "Community" in its final season, she's a memorable one. Dean Felton brought her in to whip the school into shape after a Frisbee-related roof collapse and even though Abed had his doubts about her, she fit into the group by Episode 6.