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Every Main Character In What We Do In The Shadows, Ranked
10. Charmaine Rinaldi
The "wacky neighbor" character is a comedy staple, but "What We Do in the Shadows" turns the trope on its head by making sure its vampires and their human neighbors are all equally wacky. Warm and hospitable, Charmaine Rinaldi is a great character, and instead of being nosy, she’s the perfect non-judgemental neighbor to the vampires.
9. Baron Afanas
Played by legendary creature actor Doug Jones, the Baron is a great character, not least because he perfectly toes the line between terrifying and silly. Part of the Baron’s greatness is due to his character, but mostly, Jones’ portrayal brings the undead Baron to life, with physical grace, humor, and comedic control.
8. Nandor
All of the vampire roommates are notoriously out of touch, but Nandor might just be the most helpless. Contrast this obliviousness with the grandiose stature Kayvan Novak brings to the character and you have comedy gold; however, Nandor too often takes Guillermo — the show’s beating heart — for granted, and his ranking reflects that.
7. Sean Rinaldi
Human Sean Rinaldi may be bad with money — which creates more than one hilarious situation — but he’s a good friend to Lazlo and a great neighbor to the vampires. Like his wife Charmaine, Sean is generous, non-judgmental, and welcoming to the vampires next door and his heartwarming, compassionate presence helps balance the show.
6. The Guide
Kristen Schaal's mysterious character, The Guide, is a servant to the Vampiric Council, but mostly, she ends up cleaning up after Laszlo, Nadja, Nandor, and Colin Robinson. The Guide started out as a minor character, but Schaal’s role has grown in later seasons partly due to her distinctive voice and terrific comedic timing.