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Every Main Character In The Boys Season 3 Ranked Worst To Best
14. Victoria Neuman
The Supe in disguise, who was ultimately the one that exploding heads in Season 2, is currently the director of the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs and acts as a chaos agent in Season 3. Whatever empathy the audience may have had for the character is lost when she threatens Starlight and makes a murderous deal with Homelander.
13. Ashley Barrett
The new CEO of Vought only holds power in name, may be in even greater danger than before, and is required to wear a wing since the stress of her position causes her to rip out her hair obsessively. With her complete fear of the murderous hero and tendency to act as a wet blanket, Ashley makes for excellent comic relief and is likely to remain the same in Season 4.
12. Frenchie
Frenchie, the long considered heart of the Butcher team, has his tragic history explored in Season 3 and must choose between a happy future with Kimiko or his criminal past. Despite being tasked with finding the only substance that can kill Soldier Boy, Frenchie feels largely absent from the season’s main action.
11. Black Noir
The silent superhero finally has his backstory explored before his demise at the end of Season 3, revealing that he was part of the pre-Seven team, Payback. But his past is tragic as it shows him hiding his identity to appease racist consumers and suffering abuse at the hands of Soldier Boy, with only imaginary cartoons as his friends.
10. A-Train
A-Train has never been very likable, but the hero has his most emotional growth this season by finally giving Hughie a heartfelt apology for Robin’s death, but his goodwill is ultimately undone by betraying Starlight. The world’s fastest man is a complicated character, with his story often feels too close to home to hate but uncomfortable to root for.