BEVERLY HILLS, CA - APRIL 21: (L-R) Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr, Adam Scott and Megan Mullally attend The Paley Center For Media presents the star-studded premiere of critically-acclaimed Starz Comedy "Party Down" at Paley Center on April 21, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by DAVID CROTTY/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)
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Every Main Character In Party Down Ranked
Following a group of struggling artists-turned-caterers, Starz’s 2009 show “Party Down” was a hugely underrated comedy that was unceremoniously canceled after its second season. Thankfully, the show is officially coming back, so if you can't wait to get back into the show, spend some time with the best and worst of the Party Down Catering team.
7. Roman DeBeers
Although every member of the “Party Down” team plays a vital role in creating the cringy comedy the show is known for, Roman DeBeers is objectively the worst. As a resentful, performatively cynical nerd with a stack of unfinished screenplays and an incel-adjacent attitude toward women, Roman sucks, but it’s fun to watch his pretentious attitude get thrown in his face.
6. Ron Donald
As the incompetent leader of the team, Ron is the perfect counterpart to his team. Ron cares too much, and his intensity often takes him over the edge from top-notch customer service to making people uncomfortable at their own parties; he says the worst thing possible at the worst time, has no sense of boundaries, but the team wouldn’t be the same without him.
5. Lydia Dunfree
When Jane Lynch’s Constance left after Season 1, Megan Mullally stepped in as Lydia Dunfree, the out-of-touch stage mom to a daughter named Escapade. Although the audience doesn’t get as much time with Lydia as some other characters, Mullally’s performance as the full-time momager of her daughter’s entertainment career is hysterical.
4. Kyle Bradway
Handsome, charming, sort of likable, and okay with women, Kyle is everything Roman is not, and the two make great natural nemeses. However, they’re more similar than you might think, and while both of their bravados and egos get them into trouble often, Kyle has a dopey, golden-retriever-like quality that renders him far more endearing than he ought to be.