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Every Main Character In Lord Of the Rings: The Rings Of Power, Ranked Worst To Best
12. Celebrimbor
Celebrimbor (Charles Edwards), who ranks last on our list, is a master smith and the architect of the Rings of Power in J.R.R. Tolkien's works. Although Celebrimbor has a significant role in the history of Middle-Earth, the character has had little screen time in the show, so it remains to be seen what type of person the likely mentor of Elrond is.
11. Gil-galad
The elven high king, Gil-galad (Benjamin Walker) rules in the age after the original dark lord has been vanquished and is destined to sacrifice his life to help defeat Sauron. In “The Rings of Power,” however, Gil-galad appears to be ignoring the advice of others, like Galadriel, and believes the danger is gone.
10. Isildur
The young, uncorrupted version of the man who defeated Sauron in the opening prologue of “The Fellowship of the Ring,” Isildur (Maxim Baldry) struggles to live up to his father’s expectations. Since his fate is already known, Isildur is a complex character to watch, especially at this very human moment in his journey before his eventual downfall.
9. Elendil
Elendil (Lloyd Owen) is the mythical figure who will become the first king of Gondor, but during the events of “The Rings of Power,” he is a soldier who fights for Numenor while trying to raise his children. His and his family’s stories will no doubt be explored further since they are a significant part of Middle-Earth history.
8. Elrond
Many fans might know the wise Elrond from “The Lord of the Rings,” but at this point, he is a younger elf that still has much to learn. “The Rings of Power” delves into Elrond’s complicated backstory while potentially foreshadowing the type of politician he’ll be and what mistakes he will learn from along the way.