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Every Main Character In Hulu's Hellraiser Ranked Worst To Best
13. Voight
Voight comes in last because he is wealthy, entitled, and feeds people into a demonic box to achieve what he wants in life. Overall, he’s more akin to a boardroom member of "Succession" than a despicable pleasure-seeking man, and is capable of more carnage and subterfuge than is shown.
12. Nora
Matt’s roommate and friend, Nora, has minimal screen time as she's essentially gore fodder for the film, and lacks personality and connection to the other characters. Oddly, the film doesn’t deepen the connection between Nora and Colin, and fails to supply even a handful of one-liners that would have rounded out her character.
11. The Masque
This Cenobite is overly robotic-like, and its poorly-lit on-screen appearance only harms it further. A skinned face atop a body with the rest of his head completely gone is vaguely visible, but the white coloring ultimately makes the Cenobite look both unremarkable and incomplete.
10. Matt
Matt, out of realistic anger, kicks Riley out, despite knowing how vulnerable she is at this early stage of recovery, and that she needs support more than anything. Had “Hellraiser” conveyed more of his love and care towards his sister, viewers would care about and understand him more.
9. The Asphyx
This Cenobite demands the audience’s attention, and while its design isn’t as intricate, it looks fantastic. Covering the being's head with pulled-back skin is an interesting choice that works well, yet the creepiest effect is the creature's death-rattle breathing.