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Every Main Character In Battlestar Galactica Ranked Worst To Best
14. D'Anna Biers
D'Anna Biers (Lucy Lawless) chooses to pursue the truth about the Final Five Cylons, even when that means repeatedly and painfully killing herself and resurrecting in order to get glimpses of that forbidden knowledge. The search for the truth leads her to dark places; she ultimately gets her answers at the Temple of Five but dies in the process.
13. Tom Zarek
A political activist and terrorist who believes the end justifies the means, Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) is a continuing threat to the stability of the fleet. On the surface, he may be seen as a revolutionary fighting an unjust system, but for all his high-minded political thinking and writing, his primary concern is for himself.
12. Helena Cain
Rear Admiral Helena Cain (Michelle Forbes) is what happens when a military leader forgets their duty to the people they are sworn to protect. Whatever Cain was before the Cylon attack, she becomes a monster after, so much so that her assassination at the hands of an abused prisoner feels like poetic justice.
11. Caprica Six
Caprica Six (Tricia Helfer) is instrumental in the success of the Cylon attacks on the Colonies and later in changing Cylon attitudes towards humans, which plays out through the series. She loves Gaius Baltar; however, when they are initially reunited, she is disappointed with how little he has grown, but their final reconciliation brings her arc to a satisfying conclusion.
10. Felix Gaeta
At the start, Felix Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) is a loyal, motivated officer whose technical abilities save the day on several occasions, but his descent stems from his close connection with Baltar. His role in the Baltar Administration on New Caprica is where it all starts to go wrong, but the alliance with the rebel Cylons is the beginning of the end for Gaeta.