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Every Main Character in Barry Ranked Worst to Best
15. Detective Loach
Detective John Loach is a sad sack who adds some awkward comedy to the investigative scenes, but his partner Janice is an infinitely more likable character. And since Janice is a more endearing character, it doesn't give the audience much reason to sympathize with Loach on his own.
14. Albert Nguyen
If Albert had simply stayed a memory from Barry's past, he might have ranked higher on this list. However, his character’s 180 in Season 3 seems implausible, and even though Barry needs to be held accountable for his crimes, Albert is simply callous and rude.
13. Goran Pazar
There's a refreshing simplicity to Goran and he adds a lot of humor to the series, particularly with his playful interactions with NoHo Hank. However, Goran is a more one-note character than those added in later seasons.
12. Mae Dunn
Although Dunn is charmingly sincere, her scenes in Season 2 don't have much impact on the rest of the story and, as a result, often feel like filler. Thankfully, she is given a more significant role in Season 3 and reminds viewers that, despite Barry’s charm, he's still a ruthless man who has never been held accountable for his crimes.
11. Jim Moss
Jim adds a powerful dramatic presence to the third season of "Barry," and it's nice to see that the show is comfortable introducing characters who don't have a sense of humor at all. Jim could end up ranking higher on this list if his role in Season 4 has a similar impact.