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Every Main Character In Band Of Brothers Ranked Worst To Best
20. Herbert Sobel
David Schwimmer brings an intensity to his performance as Herbert Sobel that couldn't be more different than his role of Ross in "Friends." Sobel serves as the first commander of Easy Company and trains them as the drill instructor, but his portrayal in the show is unlikable, and he exits after drawing the ire of his fellow men.
19. Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia (Douglas Spain) has an interesting story: he had to borrow a friend's medication to pass his medical examination and enlist as a paratrooper. Though the story doesn't delve much into his life and he could have used more screen time, audiences see a great portrayal of Garcia's bravery during the brutal Battle of Nuenen.
18. Ronald Speirs
Matthew Settle does an excellent job of showing the way that Captain Speirs has been affected by war. The Captain develops a no-nonsense personality and earns a reputation for his brutality, and his singular focus on the art of combat makes him terrifying in some sequences, but his downbeat attitude can be a bit of a distraction.
17. Frank Perconte
Frank Perconte, played by James Madio, provides comedic relief to this intense miniseries, but it doesn't feel insensitive, since the series does not shy away from showing Frank's bravery during battle. Perconte ranks lower on this list because his storyline isn't quite as emotional as others, but Madio's portrayal is full of personality.
16. Robert Sink
Dale Dye, who portrayed Colonel Robert Sink, served in the Vietnam War in real life and was decorated for his service. In addition to giving a phenomenal performance, Dye insisted on helping the series maintain historical accuracy, though the younger characters on the show are a bit more relatable and engaging.