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Every Main Character In Andor, Ranked Worst To Best
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Andor" up through episode 6.
14. Syril Karn
Giving us colorfully named characters to love and hate has always been a strength of "Star Wars," and "Andor" is no slouch in that area. Syril Karl is the last person on our list because he is neither admirable nor interesting; he is a wannabe fascist working for a second-rate security firm, and his illusions of grandeur would make C-3PO's head spin.
13. Cinta Kaz
Cinta Kaz's sole known trait is that "she's stone cold and fearless," as the character doesn't get much screen time, leading fans to wonder what Cinta's role is in the group (and, by extension, on the show). Hopefully, she'll be given something meatier to do before "Andor" concludes because as it stands, she's just not very interesting.
12. Taramyn Barcona
Former stormtrooper and Vel Sartha's right-hand man, Taramyn Barcona is a model soldier who is calm and composed. However, we don't know why Taramyn gave up living an Imperial life, and there isn't much of a personality here, thus he ranks low on our ranking.
11. Karis Nemik
Karris Nemik is a technical wizard devoted to his respective cause, with love for distinctly ugly headwear. A vital member of the team, despite his inability to stay awake on watch, Karis has a thing for retro tech, as it’s untraceable by the Empire.
10. Linus Mosk
With his Scottish inflection paired wonderfully with his unapologetically fascist can-do attitude, Linus harkens back to the original "Star Wars" trilogy, where Imperial officers with British accents and stiff upper lips peacocked around. However, built like a bowling ball, Linus barrels forward with the terrible weight of inevitability.