402429 03: The video game "Resident Evil" is shown March 15, 2002 in New York City. Critics have denounced the games violent content. (Photo by Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images)
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Live-Action Albert Wesker From Resident Evil Ranked
5. Eric Pirius
Eric Pirius’ Wesker only appears in the brief opening-cut scene of the 1996 “Resident Evil” and doesn’t add anything spectacular other than the delivery of his line “Wait, don't go!” You might think that this major threat in the game would be more intimidating, but his crispy blond hair makes him look more like a lousy cosplayer than a harbinger of doom.
4. Tom Hopper
“Welcome to Raccoon City” has the most accurate depiction of the villain but suffers from the problem of being so similar to the original version that it becomes boring. As appealing as this depiction’s not-entirely-evilness and selfishness are, the reason for his betrayal boils down to him being bored and is equally as stupid as it is funny.
3. Jason O'Mara
In another single-screen appearance, the "Resident Evil: Extinction" version of Wesker can be seen sitting in a boardroom as a hologram. While there’s little to the scene, it does establish the character as an influential member within Umbrella, which will become important later on.
2. Lance Reddick
The least faithful adaption from Netflix’s “Resident Evil” might just be the most enduring and likable of the character's appearances. His role in the apocalypse aside, he appears to be an attentive, goofy man that’s great with children and tries to do the right thing before the Umbrella’s higher forces get to him.
1. Shawn Roberts
First teased back in “Extinction,” Shawn Roberts now fills the role for the final three movies of Paul W.S Anderson's saga and gives a serious performance that's difficult not to love. The actor actually appears to be the physical threat that the character is meant to be, in a version that works with the franchise's trademark combination of goofiness and genuine terror.