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Every Kill In Halloween Ends, Ranked By Brutality
11. Corey's Dad
At the same time that Corey leads the four bullies to the junkyard to kill them one by one, Ronald, Corey's father, blocks one of the bullies from shooting his son and is shot in the forehead. It's a quick and dirty death for a character who was just trying to help.
10. Billy
The last time we see Billy with a pulse, we get a graphic glimpse of his drumstick jammed deep into his eyeball. Billy is guilty of being a jerk and a bully, and while Corey's revenge is far more brutal than Billy deserves, we certainly don't feel sorry for him.
9. Nurse Deb
Upon seeing Dr. Mathis brutally stabbed by Corey, Michael Myers appears, jams his signature kitchen knife through Nurse Deb’s chest, and pins her to the wall. Nurse Deb isn’t easy to like and is rewarded with a promotion for sketchy reasons, so it feels as if she gets
what's coming to her.
8. Corey
Before dying, Corey was killed three times: by Laurie shooting two bullets that send him plummeting one level down, by himself stabbing his neck, and then by Michael Myers himself snapping his neck. The knife to the neck is gnarly, but the struggle with Michael is the icing on this cake.
7. Dr. Mathis
Corey kills Dr. Mathis by suffocating him with a bag over his face and jamming the corkscrew end of a bottle opener into his neck repeatedly. The sounds of the corkscrew going into his neck are shudder-inducing, and the few shots of the bloody mess that results are intense and gruesome.