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Every Kevin Smith Movie Ranked Worst To Best
14. Yoga Hosers
Ironically, Smith's worst-reviewed movie also boasts one of his biggest stars, Johnny Depp, although you'd hardly know it's him thanks to his accent and excessive make-up. While it sounds promising, things quickly devolve into a mess of nazis, bratwurst, and showbiz impressions.
13. Cop Out
Taking a pay cut to direct a childhood hero, Smith's dreams were quickly squashed thanks to Bruce Willis' apparent difficult behavior on set. Smith later told "WTF" host Marc Maron the experience was "soul-crushing," but he seems to have since found peace with the experience following Willis' recent aphasia diagnosis.
12. Jersey Girl
"Jersey Girl" could arguably be described as another victim of Smith attempting to be someone he's not. To make matters worse, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's real-life split in early 2004 overshadowed what's essentially one of the sweeter entries into Smith's catalog.
11. Zack and Miri...
“Zack and Miri Make a Porno” remains a solid entry into Smith's filmography though it earned Seth Rogen’s lowest box office opening. Smith later lamented, "[The film] was supposed to be the one that punched us through to the next level. Everyone thought it would do $60 to $70 million, and it wound up doing Kevin Smith business."
10. The Reboot
Smith saw an opportunity to poke fun at the never-ending remake craze with 2019's "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot" and a meta love letter to fans was born. However, the real magic comes in its cameos, which may overwhelm and baffle the uninitiated but are a delicious treat for any longtime Smith fan.