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Every James Bond Movie Ranked From Worst To Best
24. Die Another Day
Even the worst Bond movies are enjoyable because they still feel like Bond movies, but that isn't the case with "Die Another Day." There are so many missteps in assembling what, on paper, seem like the pieces that would make for a good outing, and Madonna's "Die Another Day" is unquestionably the worst Bond song ever.
23. A View to a Kill
Roger Moore looks like a grandfather in "A View to a Kill," but the film insists he's still the dashing, unstoppable action hero he was a decade prior — and that makes it a hard movie to watch. It doesn't help that the plot surrounding Moore is as forgettable as Bond storylines get, and most of the supporting cast is a snooze.
22. Thunderball
Most of the movie isn't terrible — there's a cool jetpack moment at the beginning and a great scene where Bond skeet shoots from the hip that makes Sean Connery look like an absolute badass. However, the painfully slow underwater battle footage dominates so much of the story that it can be tough to remember anything else.
21. You Only Live...
"You Only Live Twice" is a wild and silly movie, and while it's fun to see Bond having adventures in Tokyo, the film's treatment of its Japanese characters is often insensitive at best. As entertaining as the film can be, "You Only Live Twice" comes from a very different time, and it's tough
to stomach.
20. Diamonds Are...
Sean Connery left the role of 007 behind after "You Only Live Twice," but only briefly, as he would return following "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" for "Diamonds are Forever." Probably, Connery's return isn't everything audiences hoped for, but something about this hammy romp makes it rewatchable and charming in its own way.