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Every Harry Potter Villain Ranked Worst To Best
16. Gilderoy Lockhart
Due to a lack of awareness and overall magical ability, Gilderoy Lockhart, who comes in at the bottom on our list, is almost more of a joke than anything dangerous. Lockhart is a villain because he is good with memory charms and built his fame upon the deeds of other, better wizards.
15. Lucius Malfoy
When it comes to speaking and dressing the part of a death eater, Lucius Malfoy is the perfect example — except that he is a total coward. He is a glorified bully who, despite being extremely cruel, cowers in the face of true villainy.
14. Professor Quirrell
Professor Quirrell actually came close to fulfilling Voldemort's wishes and bringing him back to life. The drawback of Quirrell is that, besides having Voldemort's face stuck to the back of his head, he was also burned to dust by an 11-year-old boy.
13. Credence Barebone
Credence Barebone is a neglected and abused child who ends up with a dark, parasitic force inside of him called an Obscurus. While Credence isn’t a truly maniacal character, he is manipulated into using his power for destruction.
12. Draco Malfoy
While Draco Malfoy is an antagonist with sadistic tendencies, his acts of villainy are more adolescent than they are outright evil. Draco's motivation is his father's idolization and desire to resemble him; while this doesn't excuse his behavior, it makes it more understandable.