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Every Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Character, Ranked By How Likely They Are To Die
12. Groot
Even if Disney gave the green light to kill everyone's favorite tree, James Gunn would know better than to go through with it. He'd risk alienating his audience, as Groot's death would feel premature, unearned, and cruel. Groot also already “died” in the first movie, so there’s no need to retread old territory.
11. Gamora
Gamora's death was a huge moment for both the Guardians team and the greater MCU, and to many, it is regarded as one of the most memorable and heartbreaking scenes in “Infinity War.” There is nothing to be gained from replicating it, especially when other characters' deaths feel more appropriate.
10. Cosmo
The comic book's Cosmo plays a vital part in numerous “Guardians” stories, and his high intelligence and mind-melting powers are indispensable in keeping Knowhere safe. Any new team will need someone like that, especially if they too will be based on Knowhere, so Cosmo the Spacedog will likely live.
9. Kraglin
Kraglin's relative absence in the “Vol. 3” trailers hints that he might be bumped off early on in the movie. However, Kraglin isn't important enough to kill, as he played a small part in the previous “Guardians” movies, and he's hardly beloved by audiences. His death would lack impact and it’s not worth it.
8. Mantis
Mantis informs Quill of their shared parentage in a touching moment in the “Holiday Special.” “Vol. 3” is obviously going to put Star-Lord through the wringer, especially considering the trajectory of his arc with Gamora, but to give him a sister and tear her away just a few months later seems too depressing.