Actor Keanu Reeves attending New York premiere of John Wick in 2014
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Every Fight In John Wick: Chapter 4, Ranked Worst
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Spoiler Warning!
The following story contains spoilers for "John Wick: Chapter 4."
7. Killa Vs. Wick
The fight scenes between Killa and John Wick come off as scrappy, with Killa's taekwon-do high-section kicks and judo throws taking advantage of his wide center of gravity and overpowering Wick's jiujitsu and judo throws. A few of Killa’s moves should've finished off Wick, but the protagonist surprisingly walks it off.
6. Akira vs. Chidi
Akira's flexibility, persistence, and gritty tactics save her in her face-off against Chidi, using her bow as a shield and hook-like weapon to change tactics and surprise her opponent. Although some of Chidi's hits should have slowed her down, Akira's buoyancy is unforgettable, allowing her to tire him out and eventually defeat him.
5. wick vs. Baddies
Although Wick’s battle with an apartment building of baddies is not one-on-one, this epic fight scene is an intense, top-down, almost one-take scene that contains a non-stop cavalcade of fights. There's so much going on, however, that the clarity suffers, limiting the amount of intimate combat the audience can actually see.
4. Shimazu vs. Caine
Hiroyuki Sanada brings poise, stillness, and a grandiose nature to his character Shimazu's strikes, preferring to counter rather than attack, in his katana battle with Caine. While the fight is grippingly beautiful, the quick ending doesn't seem realistic and feels like Caine should have walked away with at least one deep wound.
3. Caine vs. Henchmen
Caine gets a memorable entrance with an impressive display of high-section kicks, staff blocks, fast hand movements, and an understanding of the environment as he uses his wrist to locate objects in space. Despite some skepticism about his ability to dodge bullets, Caine's swagger and footwork make for an exciting fight scene.