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Every Episode Of Firefly Ranked Worst To Best
14. Heart of Gold
Just like there are no bad “Firefly” characters, there aren’t any bad episodes, but “Heart of Gold” is clearly the least good. The story involves the crew aiding an old friend of Inara’s and builds up to a climactic battle that plays out like a low-grade Western movie. Still, this episode is propelled along by the characters and several hilarious moments.
13. Safe
Similar to “Heart of Gold,” this episode is more like a straight Western, with lawmen, horses, and dust-choked towns. While its Western tropes aren’t enough to push it down the rankings, it lacks the sci-fi elements that make it interesting. The episode is saved by the deepening mystery around Book and a glimpse into his past as an Alliance man.
12. The Message
This episode revolves around Mal and Zoe’s old war buddy, Tracy Smith, who had his internal organs removed and replaced with artificial ones. However, Tracy’s storyline and ultimate death are overshadowed by the bright orange knit hat Jayne receives from his mom and the hilarious dialogue that ensues.
11. Trash
When doe-eyed con artist Saffron runs into Mal, they form a shaky alliance to pull off a job with an incredible payday. There’s no question that Saffron will betray Mal giving the episode an underlying tension, but Inara pulls a fast one on Saffron, creating a satisfying ending that concludes Saffron's story arc with the character in the garbage.
10. Our Mrs. Reynolds
This episode begins with Mal riding on a stagecoach while dressed in women’s clothing and manages to get sillier. Saffron's character is introduced when she winds up married to Mal. Amidst figuring out Saffron’s plan, the real development is when Inara discovers Mal unconscious, and kisses him on the lips (confirming what we all suspected).