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Every Emma Watson Role Ranked Worst To Best
13. Regression
In Alejandro Amenábar's thriller, "Regression," Watson plays Angela Gray, a young girl whose father admits to sexually abusing her even though he has no memory of the abuse. While the movie starts to build a spooky plot, it fails to deliver the twists it promises, and Watson has little to do other than play the victim and look vulnerable.
12. The Circle
“The Circle” is a techno-thriller about a fictional giant tech company, and while the plot sets up a dystopian privacy nightmare, it quickly gets bogged down by heavy dialogue, unnecessary exposition, and unbelievable relationships. Watson isn’t bad per se, but her character is gullible, flat, and doesn’t come to life fully.
11. Colonia
Based on real-life events, “Colonia” is an ambitious thriller about the Chilean internment camp Colonia Dignidad. With a tragic romance, human rights abuses, cults, chase scenes, and daring escapes, the film tries to tackle too many things at once, and both the plot and Watson's performance get lost along the way.
10. My Week with Marilyn
“My Week with Marilyn” is based on Colin Clark's memoir of the week he spent with Marilyn Monroe at a cottage in the English countryside, with Watson playing Marylin’s wardrobe assistant. This was Watson’s first foray into a feature-length
film after the end of Harry Potter, and
her tiny role doesn’t make much
of an impression.
9. This Is The End
In “This is the End,” Watson plays a fictionalized version of herself, and although Watson’s role is small, it’s pretty funny. The entire movie is a ridiculous take on the world ending and features a cast of Hollywood stars having fun and not taking themselves too seriously. Watching Watson in such a funny and unassuming role is refreshing.