HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 27: Denis Villeneuve attends the 94th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood and Highland on March 27, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)
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Every Denis Villeneuve Movie Ranked From Worst To Best
10. Maelström
In terms of plot and protagonist, "Maelström" is not all that different from Denis Villeneuve's other movies, but the filmmaker's sophomore feature feels like an unwieldy mess. For a director defined by his fastidiousness, "Maelström" is a bizarre blip in an otherwise consistent career.
9. Polytechnique
Villeneuve's short, shocking school shooting story "Polytechnique" details a horrific outburst of violence in 1989 that was dubbed the "Montreal Massacre." A decade after its release, the film already feels like a dated relic that misunderstands how to portray this touchy subject.
8. August 32nd
After surviving a car crash, Simone goes into a prolonged existential crisis and decides to have a baby with her best friend to give her life some meaning. "August 32nd on Earth" was Villeneuve's debut film and showcased a visual sensibility that is playful yet still precise.
7. Blade Runner 2049
"Blade Runner 2049" feels a bit at war with itself, forced to hit mandatory fan service beats while also trying to do something entirely original. The film is at its best when Villeneuve has the space to explore big ideas about where technology, intimacy, and society as a whole are headed.
6. Incendies
"Incendies" makes for a reasonably gripping family drama with some standout scenes set in the Middle East. The film was a nominee for best foreign language feature at the Academy Awards, and its success opened the door for Villeneuve to move toward large-scale Hollywood filmmaking.