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Every Criminal Minds Season Ranked Worst To Best
15. Season 15
Season 15 of "Criminal Minds" was the final season of the original series, and fans had hoped it would be a fitting goodbye for the beloved team. Unfortunately, the last hurrah was something of a letdown, and most of the cases the team investigated throughout the season felt like filler to give everyone closure.
14. Season 14
Season 14 had some intriguing moments, but all of them were marred by JJ Jareau and Spencer Reid’s love reveal. For most fans, this confession came out of nowhere, as JJ and Reid's relationship always felt more like siblinghood.
13. Season 10
Season 10 came during the lineup-changing portion of "Criminal Minds," which was one reason it's one of the weaker seasons. In addition to the less-than-successful casting changes, Season 10 didn't pack much of a punch, especially when compared to the thrilling Season 9 finale with Reid in a shootout.
12. Season 6
One of the few highlights of Season 6 occurred near the end when Emily Prentiss fakes her death to escape Ian Doyle, a storyline that shakes up the team in compelling ways. However, the “Criminal Minds” showrunners thinking they could replace JJ with another beautiful blonde woman was the season's biggest downfall.
11. Season 11
Season 11 saw yet another lineup change and was lackluster due to the absences of JJ and Prentiss. It did, however, have some highlights, one in particular was Aubrey Plaza’s big swing as the deranged Cat Adams, a psychopath who becomes obsessed with Reid.