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Every Cheers Season Ranked Worst To Best
11. Season 10
After so many years of success, “Cheers” was bound to run out of ideas, and Season 10 simply wasn’t up to par. It included the least compelling Bar Wars battle of the series and focused too much on Frasier and Lilith's tumultuous marriage.
10. Season 9
The love triangle between Rebecca, Sam, and Robin lacked the passion of previous romantic storylines on the show, falling flat when it came to Rebecca. Her character didn't have the development and emotional depth needed to make this arc truly captivating for audiences.
9. Season 6
Shelley Long’s Season 6 departure changed the rhythm of “Cheers” immensely, and it was difficult for the series to find its footing again. Long’s character Diane had years of chemistry with the rest of the characters, and replacing her with Rebecca wasn’t an easy task.
8. Season 7
Season 7 altered the format of “Cheers” by sticking to an episodic format without a major storyline tying everything together. It featured a great Bar Wars episode, showed Sam teaching Lilith to drive, and expanded Rebecca’s backstory, making for a decent but forgettable season.
7. Season 8
Season 8 brought new life to “Cheers” after losing some of its charm in the two previous seasons. Cliff’s "Jeopardy!" run and Sam’s black book heist with Carla and Rebecca might as well have been pulled from the first season, where fans fell in love with the show’s silly antics.