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Every Character In Werewolf By Night, Ranked Worst To Best
11. Billy Swan
At the bottom of the list is the sole servant who is terrified of his employer, Verussa. He’s given the important task of reanimating his old boss, Ulysses, with a clockwork key, but isn’t used for much else, other than ensuring that the Bloodstone estate remains relatively tidy.
10. The Flaming Tuba
This musician’s appearance is brief, yet formative, as actor David Silverman is no stranger to flaming musical instruments, having played one at 2017’s Burning Man Festival. If the Avengers ever require a brass section, this guy should be their first choice.
9. Barasso
An original character created for the show, he shows immediate promise, only to be, regrettably, snuffed out. Criminally underused, Barasso should have had a greater impact on the plot, along with a more honorable death.
8. Azarel
This gaunt, cadaverous killer has a penchant for fashion, and an impressive 37 confirmed kills under her belt. Sadly, she's relatively underserved by the story, and therefore fails to make her mark on this list, with her grisly death being the most memorable part of her appearance.
7. Liorn
While he’s one of the first hunters to die, there's no denying Liorn’s enthusiasm. His biggest error is making Elsa his first target instead of the monster, but it’s his resilience and determination to go through with the kill that grants him a slightly more impressive position on the list.