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Every Captain America Costume In The MCU, Ranked
9. The Avengers
Marvel's second stab at a proper superhero uniform for Captain America was an embarrassment to the point that "Endgame" co-writer Christopher Marcus even referred to it as "terrible" in an interview. The problems vary from the awkward compromise of the spandex-but-not-spandex fabric to the incredibly dorky-looking helmet.
8. U.S.O.
While Cap’s initial duds are purposefully lame, they are still dorky enough to complain about. At least viewers get to see him looking genuinely badass for a portion of the film when he pairs his nominally comics-accurate top with standard fatigues, a brown leather jacket, and a helmet borrowed from one of his "Star Spangled Singers."
7. The Winter Soldier
This may be a controversial choice, but Cap's streamlined look in "The Winter Soldier" feels lacking. The suit is meant to look more tactical, befitting Cap's relatively-new role as a S.H.I.E.L.D. enforcer, but the materials used are so synthetic it's painfully obvious. It's underwhelming and fails to make an impression against the film's largely gray tableaus.
6. U.S. Agent
U.S. Agent’s costume design is fitting as the star emblem is asymmetrically positioned and the traditional red stripes run horizontally instead of vertically — both subtle nods to the characters' warped sense of morality. One knock against this costume is the helmet, which Wyatt Russell looked so dorky wearing that it instantly became a meme.
5. The First Avenger
The first proper Captain America uniform made its big screen debut in 2011's "Captain America: The First Avenger." While the suit is bulky and ill-fitting, it is nonetheless a suitable prototype for the sleeker costumes to follow. The brainchild of Howard Stark, this uniform is purportedly crafted from a bulletproof and flame-retardant Kevlar/Nomex polymer weave.