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Every Bob's Burgers Valentine's Day Episode Ranked
7. Bed Bob and Beyond
Season 9, Episode 13, “Bed Bob and Beyond,” may take place on Valentine’s Day, but its focus is on the children telling their versions of a rom-com’s ending to ease the tension between Bob and Linda. While not the most romantic, the episode shows how everyday stress can affect relationships and the importance of moving past it.
6. Can’t Buy Me Math
“Bob’s Burgers” uses the popular Fake Dating rom-com trope in Season 5, Episode 11, “Can’t Buy Me Math,” which sees Tina become Darryl’s fake girlfriend and date to the Valentine’s Dance in exchange for math tutoring. As the episode unfolds, Tina and the viewers learn a lesson about helping others and that dating “leagues” don’t really exist.
5. Gene & Courtney
Gene reunites with Courtney in Season 6, Episode 7, “The Gene and Courtney Show,” where the two must decide between their rekindled romance or their new morning show. The episode features a Tina B-Plot, but the primary focus is on Gene handling a breakup with emotional maturity and the power of artistic expression.
4. My Fuzzy Valentine
Season 3, Episode 13, “My Fuzzy Valentine,” is the show’s first Valentine’s Day special and sees Bob struggling to step up his gift-giving game after a series of lackluster Valentine’s Days leave Linda disappointed. Although Bob’s efforts prove futile, Linda is touched by the lengths he went through, showing that it’s the thought that truly counts.
3. Romancing the Beef
The Belchers exploit the demand for fancy restaurants on Valentine’s Day in Season 11, Episode 11, “Romancing the Beef,” and transform Bob’s Burgers into a stylish eatery called Urge. Meanwhile, Tina attempts to escape a makeout party unkissed. The episode shows that it doesn’t matter if everything’s perfect; love always finds a way.