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Every Black Mirror Episode Ranked Worst To Best
23. The Waldo Moment
"The Waldo Moment" has its moments, but the result is never as clever or edgy as it thinks it is, and the satire is also too broad to make a coherent point. This episode isn't well-liked because the jokes are flat, the main character is never given a chance to be likable, and the less said about that final scene,
the better.
22. Men Against Fire
"Men Against Fire" isn't a bad episode of television, but it lacks the depth of the best episodes of the series, and the overarching message comes across as more preachy than satirical. Also, it's one of the few episodes that is completely devoid of humor or irony, which doesn't help its cause, either.
21. Rachel, Jack...
"Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" is a fun romp with an impressive performance from Miley Cyrus, but it just misses the mark tonally. It's uneven, messy, and feels more like a teen angst story than an episode of "Black Mirror."
20. Smithereens
Andrew Scott gives a blistering performance as a taxi driver pushed over the edge, and his acting is probably the only reason "Smithereens" is watchable. The episode isn't particularly original or incisive and is let down by a plodding plot, paper-thin characterization, and a contrived cliffhanger climax.
19. Black Museum
It's an uneven episode with a surprising lack of depth to its numerous intriguing story set-ups. While it's good in bits and pieces — the man who gets aroused by pain is a horribly visceral story — the rest of the episode is less interesting, and the final reveal is both arduously convoluted and increasingly obvious as the episode goes on.