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Every Arrested Development Main Character, Ranked
13. Oscar Bluth
As a character, Oscar occasionally feels like an opportunity to just have Jeffrey Tambor on our screens more often. While Oscar serves little purpose in the later seasons, it is amusing to watch him swap personalities with George in Season 4.
12. Ann Veal
The problem with Ann is that everything funny about her comes from everyone else's reactions to her rather than the character herself. Still, things end up getting pretty crazy when she eventually leaves George Michael for his uncle Gob, only to be left at the altar during a grand illusion.
11. The Narrator
It was a clever and ultimately rewarding decision to have a narrator that doesn't just help explain what's going on but often delivers vital context — even going so far as to correct characters who are lying. The narrator is definitely one of the top ten characters.

Narrator: "He wasn't."
10. George Michael
When we first meet George Michael, he's a hard-working, loyal kid and comes into his own in later seasons, becoming the tech mogul who developed a privacy software called Fakeblock, which doesn't exist. Though it's tough for him to stand out amongst the rest of his family, Michael Cera does a wonderful job injecting a loving sensitivity into his character.
9. Lindsay
Lindsay, like pretty much everyone else in the Bluth family, is a spectacularly awful person, and that's what draws us to her. Compound that with Portia de Rossi’s brilliant portrayal, making Lindsay’s blinding ignorance seem both hysterical and believable, and you end up with a pretty great character.
8. George Sr.
Jeffrey Tambor is delightful as George Sr. He has remarkable comic timing and is often able to turn a single word into a laugh. George Sr.’s commitment to proving his innocence amidst an overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary adds a fascinating dimension to the character, leading the audience to question him at every turn.
7. Michael Bluth
Despite being the show's straight man, Michael regularly has the opportunity to be funny, including spinning comic gold every time George Michael's girlfriend, Ann, is mentioned. He's also one of the more relatable characters on the show, as he desperately tries to make things seem normal when they're undeniably out of control.
6. Gob Bluth
Underneath all the abrupt chaos Gob effortlessly causes, there's something strangely loveable about him thanks to Will Arnett's excellent performance. Gob is gross, cruel, and something of a villain, but Arnett manages to keep him grounded, which in the end is the grandest illusion.