383110 11: Actors Kate Hudson and Patrick Fugit pose with their awards at the 60th Annual Golden Apple Awards December 10, 2000 in Beverly Hills, CA. (Photo by Newsmakers)
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Even Kate Hudson Couldn't Prepare Patrick Fugit For Almost Famous' Hotel Room Scene
Throughout his career, Cameron Crowe has embraced authenticity in his films, but with "Almost Famous," he wanted to make it even more tangible. Instead of casting an experienced performer who could fake naivety and innocence, Crowe hired an unknown actor named Patrick Fugit to play the protagonist William Miller.
Fugit had extremely limited acting experience and no interest in rock and roll; plus, he grew up in Salt Lake City, which had a big impact on his encounters with the opposite sex. So when the teen had to act out losing his virginity to three "Band Aids" — a group of girls who follow famous musicians around the country — he was utterly unprepared.
Fugit recalled discussing his concerns with Kate Hudson: “When she asked if I was nervous, I said, 'Look I'm 16, Fairuza [Balk], Anna [Paquin], and Olivia [Rosewood] are all beautiful. What happens if I get a certain physiological response to what's happening?' Kate laughed and said, 'If it does happen, that's what's supposed to happen in nature, so you shouldn't feel too ashamed.'"
In spite of his insecurities, Fugit's natural nervousness elevated the scene from a cheap hookup to a tender rite of passage filled with blushing cheeks, wide eyes, and silk scarves. The scene was filled with youthful innocence, and it’s arguably the most authentic moment in the movie, which helped make “Almost Famous” a critical darling despite bombing at the box office.