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Even James Cameron Has Doubts About Avatar: The Way Of Water's Box Office
With his decades-long career and the first “Avatar” film’s record-breaking box office performance in 2009, one would think James Cameron has nothing to worry about regarding his impending sequel. However, as it turns out, he is willing to admit that even he has some doubts when it comes to “Avatar: The Way Of Water's” box office potential.
While Cameron acknowledges that people might have forgotten the story of the original movie — which is still the fourth-highest grossing film of all time — he believes “Avatar’s” September re-release will help the story “re-establish” itself in people’s minds. He believes it will remind fans why they loved the original.
Cameron admits, however, that due to the changing market for sequels, the four-part Avatar sequence plan is the “dumbest business case in history.” He’s also acutely aware of the new goalposts movies need to hit to achieve financial success, stating, "If we did 20 percent or 30 percent less because the market simply doesn't exist anymore, that would be bad."