George Lucas, winner of Best Movie for "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith," and presenter Harrison Ford *** EXCLUSIVE *** (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)
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Even George Lucas Didn’t Recognize Harrison Ford In Apocalypse Now
When Francis Ford Coppola released the director’s cut of his war film, “Apocalypse Now Redux,” Harrison Ford’s name suddenly appeared on the poster as the fifth-billed actor. Ford only had an extensive cameo in the film, so many viewers might not have recognized the actor or the “Star Wars” Easter egg in the movie, including George Lucas himself.
Upon closer inspection of Ford’s character’s uniform in the film, the name “Lucas” is stitched under the right label of his army fatigues. When Lucas originally watched Coppola’s Vietnam epic, not only did he not notice the reference, but the “Star Wars” creator didn’t even realize that Ford was playing Colonel Lucas until the scene was nearly half over.
Ford reportedly responded proudly, “I’m an actor. You weren’t supposed to recognize me.” As Lucas was initially meant to direct “Apocalypse Now,” Ford’s loving tribute to the director was fitting. Although Ford’s appearance in the film was brief, the actor plays a convincing war-weary soldier forced to order Capt. Willard to hunt down Marlon Brando’s unhinged Colonel Kurtz.