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Evangeline Lilly Wants To Make An A-Force Movie Happen With Marvel
Evangeline Lilly has heard fans’ demands for an A-Force movie from Marvel Studios, and she's happy to comply. In Phase Four, audiences saw Marvel putting out more women-led movies and streaming shows, such as “Black Widow,” “Ms. Marvel,” and “She-Hulk,” and speculation has run rampant that Marvel might be building toward an A-Force movie somewhere down the line.
An A-Force movie would deliver on the promise of the scene in “Avengers: Endgame” where the female superheroes rally together against Thanos. Lilly recalled the scene as a highlight, saying of an A-Force movie, “I would like to make it happen. That day that we did the scene in '[Avengers:] Endgame' where it was just us women was the most special day I've ever had.”
In late 2018, news broke that Marvel had a TV series about a female superhero team in the works, and many speculated the series might be centered on A-Force. Given that Evangeline Lilly is down for it and the other MCU female superhero pieces are in place, the likelihood of an A-Force movie or TV show in Marvel's future seems to be increasing.