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Evan Rachel Wood Discovered The Key To Playing Madonna In Weird: The Al Yankovic Story
Eric Appel’s “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story,” follows the life of Weird Al, in a parody of the Oscar-bait music biopics and features many talented performers playing caricatures of ’80s icons. One of the more cartoonish depictions is that of the Material Girl-era Madonna, played by Evan Rachel Wood.
While her take on Madonna is broadly comedic, the Wood explained how she got into character, stating, “I did watch a lot of her early ’80s interviews, [...] I tried to focus on the time period that we were doing for accuracy. I watched [...] how she was in a conversation, how she carried herself, her mannerisms.”
Wood continued, “I think the main thing I had to get over and work on was just her — I feel like a nerd sometimes and [I’m] sometimes modest. And she is just fully confident, completely self-assured. She is controlling every room that she’s in. So that was a switch I had to lean into and flip, I think.”