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Elizabeth Banks Says Her Cocaine Bear Will Kick The Revenant Bear's Butt
The history of cinema features many terrifying bears, with the grizzly from the 2015 survival thriller "The Revenant '' arguably among the most formidable. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Elizabeth Banks thinks that the black bear in her upcoming film “Cocaine Bear” could take the grizzly on.
The bear featured in “Cocaine Bear,” affectionately called “Cokey,” is a masterwork of CGI animation technology and motion-rigged performance from Allan Henry. Created by Wētā FX, the special effects outfit behind such films as Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings,” Cokey was based on real bears as much as possible.
Henry, who trained under CG performance wizard Andy Serkis, had the specialized skill set Banks knew was necessary in order to make Cokey believable. Banks told EW that “Cokey outmatches ‘The Revenant’ bear every time out,” but audiences can make up their own mind when “Cocaine Bear” tears its way into theaters on February 24, 2023.