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Doom Patrol Has A Confusing Place In The DC Universe
The unconventional superhero show “Doom Patrol” originally aired on the DC Universe streaming service as part of a shared world with “Titans” and “Swamp Thing,” similar to the MCU. HBO Max picked up “Doom Patrol” and “Titans” when DC’s streaming service failed, but their connection to each other is rarely acknowledged.
Executive producer Sarah Schechter drew a comparison to their shared world, saying, “Laverne was on ‘Happy Days,’ but then she became a different Laverne on ‘Laverne and Shirley.’” The Doom Patrol who appeared on an episode of “Titans” are different versions of the characters from their self-titled show, with the Chief even being played by a different actor.
Showrunner Jeremy Carver is more concerned with a quality narrative than with interconnectivity, as focusing on linking the two shows would hamper his storytelling abilities. Schechter commented, “If he [Carver] was constrained by the Doom Patrol as a side trip on ‘Titans,’ it would limit him and we have to take those handcuffs off of him to feel free to create.”